Why key card security is becoming commonplace in business

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 10.07.2013
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Introducing a security key card system into your business is imperative the modern age, as it is one of the most effective methods of ensuring that your operations are secure. Pioneered by the hotel industry, these key cards are a safer alternative to a traditional key and the information can be controlled by you, giving you a greater power over safety. Most business are now adopting this for their own security purposes because of the advantages they bring, with one of the main benefits being that you can easily part of the business and the level of information they are allowed to gain access to.

They are harder to be reproduced by fraudsters too, as they incorporate RFID (Radio-frequency identification) cards as opposed to swipe cards or barcodes; they are also less likely to be scratched or damaged during normal day-to-day usage. The card can be combined with other systems, such as ID cards, membership cards or vending credit cards. The system can also be implemented using key fobs if you would prefer.

How does it work?

One of the main advantages of introducing a security key card system into your business is that it is simple to use and an effective method of upholding security. There are four main components of a security card system and they consist of:

  • The card – unlike traditional door keys that can easily be lost or reproduced, which posing a huge security risk, a key card provides a much safer alternative. Each key card has its own unique ID number, meaning that it can be individually granted access to a specific door, and if it becomes misplaced then it can be easily invalidated – giving greater control over security
  • The card reader – this will normally be located next to the door that you are trying to gain access too. In order to successfully open a door, the card reader will have to detect the card’s unique number and then diver that information back to the controller to check if the card is allowed access to the room
  • The controller – whenever you scan or swipe your security card to the card reader, the information will be sent to the controller which has the power to grant access to the room or not. If the information is valid, a signal will be sent back to the lock which will release it for a few seconds while you make your way into the room
  • The management system – this is the software that manages the entire system. You can use this to do a number of different tasks, including creating cards, changing user permissions, invalidating cards and reviewing statistics on how often the card is used.