Why key fob cards make a handy addition to your keychain

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 17.04.2013
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Although there might be many things that you leave home without in the morning, chances are that your keys are not one of them! As you need your keys to lock the door and perhaps even get into the office, they quickly make an essential part of your life that it’s hard to be without and as such if you are looking to store something safely, chances are that your keychain is a great place for something to live.

As loyalty cards and membership cards have seen growing popularity in recent years, we have also seen the growing annoyance which occurs when these cards are left at home while we make a purchase. Designed to combat this problem, and to provide us with a popular alternative and solution, key fob cards can slide quickly and easily onto our keychain and still give us access to the same loyalty system.

How do key fob cards work?

Key fob cards are simply a smaller version of traditional loyalty cards, in fact most key fob cards take up roughly one third the size. These small rectangular devices are designed to function very much the same way that general loyalty cards to and they usually contain a bar code which can be easily scanned at a register allowing your card to accumulate points in the same way as the regular sized one.

The main ideas behind a key fob card is to allow you to carry these around with you as you would a traditional membership card,  but without the need to remember to put this in your wallet – these fobs remain naturally attached to your keychain throughout.

How can this benefit me?

Key fob cards can bring about a number of benefits across the board and some of the most common include:

  • Not having to remember a large loyalty card
  • The fact that they can easily attach to your keychain
  • The fact that they contain the same information as your traditional card
  • The fact that they are made from a robust plastic design
  • The benefits of a loyalty card system.