Why should my business consider RFID shield cards?

  • by Plastic Card Services
  • 11.11.2013
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We are fortunate enough to live in a world where new technologies are feely available to us on a regular-basis and in terms of businesses using them it means that they are constantly improving the services that they provide. One of the biggest areas that has seen an overhaul in new technology is identity as we are now able to find out who we are going into business with and other useful facts about them. Technology such as RFID has been a major benefit for business as they are now able to keep track of what they are doing and who with much simpler than before.

In business terms, an RFID shield card can present you with a number of benefits as the contactless technology can help you track the location of your employees, meaning that you can monitor productivity as well as a number of other important issues. They can be used in cases such as delivery services so that you can track where a package is and how long you can estimate it will arrive at its destination – a great benefit to customers who will be keen to know that their items are safe and in transit.

What is RFID?

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification has been taking the business world by storm with the most noticeable impact being the introduction of contactless debit cards. This simple technology usually consists of a small device which is capable of holding large amounts of data and works in the same way that a barcode or a magnetic strip would do – meaning that you can simply swipe it with an electronic reader and monitor the contents.

This has created a storm among experts however as they believe that the negatives outweigh the benefits because of the risk of fraud involved. That’s why developers have created RFID shield cards because they can prevent any of your vital information from being stolen by blocking any unwanted devices from reading your private information. You can also purchase a shield wallet which has a protective coating and blocks any suspecting fraudsters thanks to the technology that is installed within it.